Narrative Furniture Inc. is the expression of a vision to reclaim and realize the power of story through custom furniture design and economic development.  Our legacy quality furniture company is built upon the forgotten manufacturing roots of St. Louis.

St. Louis was once a thriving manufacturing hub from the late 1800's well into the 1900's.   Whether beer, bricks, shoes, or Corvettes, St. Louis made it.  The evidence of this narrative still remains scattered across its historic neighborhoods.  While some industries have persevered, manufacturing in St. Louis has long been in decline.

But, we’ve got a legacy to uphold! We have planted our roots in a building that was once filled with Fords and Ramblers, in the historic Fox Park neighborhood, and we’re here to stay. We have seen the industrial spirit of our city come and go, and now are thrilled to take part in its rebirth.